Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Update

Happy Easter! Heather and I are celebrating our first Easter together without family closeby. While we love our families, it is kind of fun to celebrate as our own little family.

Baby update: Heather is feeling good now that the 2nd trimester is in full swing. First trimester was a little rough with much "morning" sickness. Right...morning... We find out in about 3 weeks what we're getting. Possible options: boy, girl, dragon, liger. My vote is for boy.

New House update: We moved out of the apartment arena and into the land of the homeowners. Great time to buy, coupled with Obama offering to pay our mortgage payments (he came out with a special "Cramer Stimulus Package" just for us. cool huh!) made it an option we couldn't refuse. We are very happy in the home and are excited for friends and family to come visit. We now live in Little Elm, TX, about 30 minutes north of where we used to live in Carrollton.

Lawn update: I battled the Amazon jungles of 10-inch backyard grass yesterday and let me tell you what: It was a battle. Previous homeowners didn't mow the grass in the back for a couple weeks...we didn't have a lawnmower for a couple weeks = stinkin long grass. Luckily Lowes was more than willing to help us out with the lawnmower and weed eater (also covered in Obama's Cramer Stimulus Package) and I went to work. Then I cut the grass too short and probably killed it. Only time will tell. It's day to day now...We'll just have to hope for the best...

Work update: Heather now has a 30 minute commute to work but she switched around her work schedule to miss traffic. 7am to 3pm is great except for the 10pm sharp bedtime in order to get up at 6am. Oh well, that's what a DVR is for anyway right?

Russ is up to his eyeballs in another big project that is close to the launch date. This one has gone smoother than the last one but it still has been a lot of work with many late, late nights on the phone with our programmers in India. Great peeps - I would love to go visit some day.

Travel upate: We'll be in Utah the first week in May for my little sister's wedding. Excited about that. Also headed to the West Indies to study the locals and come up with a solution for our current economic woes. I think they used multiple ridiculous stimulus packages and that seemed to work out for them... (you guessed it, all expenses paid by the CSP - Cramer Stimulus Package)

Happy Easter! We love the Lord and are very blessed to know the importance of this time of year.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

UPDATE from the long lost Cramer kids

Saturdays are nice! Well, let's just say that Heather and I were abducted by the "Work" aliens and use that excuse for absence and tardiness and overall disregard for our 'lil blog. Blog, what a word, sounds like snog as in snoggin...

Life is good, great, grand, wonderful. Getting around to doing taxes, looking at houses to try and purchase (although we've been outbid now like 4 times...grrrrr) trying to enjoy free time, working away like maniacs, went on a cruise to Mexico earlier in Feb, had a great family Christmas in Utah, excited for March Madness, hoping that byu basketball wins a game in the tourney, hoping that byu basketball makes the tourney, slightly worried about the political situation in America, looking for the end of the world to come along... :) but all in all, generally happy with all aspects of life!

Tennis rocks. I've been playing quite a bit lately.

Heather is a goofball and makes me laugh every day. I think she can make up a new accent by the hour. Sometimes I can't understand a word she says, and sometimes I am the only one on earth that can understand.

Maybe we'll do better with this blog thing, maybe not. We'll just have to see what happens!