Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Into Everything

I think it's pretty clear that we have an active little girl on our hands.

You would think at this point I'd be ready to pull my hair out but I actually think it's really fun. Other than constantly trying to crawl into the fireplace or unplug the TV, I'd say things are just peachy. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anti-Blog No More

Russ has been running our blog since...um...whenever he decided to start this thing. I guess he expected me to get all excited about it and take it over, but to no avail. And then we had a baby. Oh how that changes things. All of the sudden this blog has become the link between Hannah and the grandparents. So thank you Russ for encouraging me to start this and yes, "You were right. I was wrong." (He loves it when I say that).

Our little girl's a crawler! She hasn't quite figured out how to get into things yet but she will. She seems to be content playing with the door stoppers and pulling herself up on all the furniture. A couple weeks ago she got her first tooth. So long to the toothless smile days. She's such a fun kid! She loves to laugh and Russ and I love to make her laugh. Parenthood is so much more fun than I ever imagined it to be.

Russ decided to go to Notre Dame this Fall for his MBA. We're pretty excited about it but time is sneaking up on us. We're moving in 7 weeks! There's still so much to do! My job is to figure out how we're going to fit into a tiny on-campus two bedroom apartment. It's amazing how much stuff you collect when there's room to collect it.

Since our last post we decided that eating healthy is the key to staying healthy. So we started following the Word of Wisdom more closely. Now we eat very little meat, lots of fruits and vegetables, and somehow Russ convinced me to make homemade whole wheat bread. We also have a Green Smoothie everyday. If your wondering what a Green Smoothie is check out . Russ has lost 25 pounds and I've gone down a dress size. The best part about it is we feel better and it's been a really easy transition.


We went to Hawaii in April for Russ' sister's graduation from BYU Hawaii. It was awesome! The highlights of the trip were Janelle's senior recital, shark cage diving, and skydiving. I highly recommend skydiving to all who are able. :) We also went on a road trip across the South. We went from Dallas to Houston to New Orleans to Mobile to Destin to Savannah to Columbia and back to Dallas. (It was a 9 day trip). The highlights of that trip was staying with Brother and Sister Bone--a senior couple Russ served with on his mission--and going to an alligator farm.