Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthdays All Around

I'm officially 28. I don't shun old age...I embrace it. That's why we went to Kirtland, Ohio for the weekend and spent it with a whole bunch of old people. JKJKJK. We met up with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle in Kirtland and had a great time! It was awesome to be around family. I forgot how good to feels to be around people who inherently have to love you. It was Russ' first time seeing the Church History sites there so that made it even better. I just love the sister missionaries who give tours at the Visitor Center. They are so adorable and really made my day.

Newel K. Whitney Store

Hannah with Grandpa Great

Hannah actually waving for the picture...that never happens.

Hannah with Uncle Kim

Kirtland Temple

Grandpa & Grandma Great and the Cramer Clan

School of the Prophets...awesome.
 Hannah's birthday is two days after mine. She got to wear her Birthday Girl shirt all day and then we gave her a cupcake. Way to go Hannah! How did we ever live without you? The first year has been a blast!

The Birthday Girl!!

Hannah with her B-Day present...a cupcake.

Hannah's princess outfit from Grandma Cameron

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hannah Diva

I took these pictures of Hannah the other day. It seems she has quite the variety of facial expressions. I think we might have a little model on our hands.

Ninja Hannah

Vulnerable Hannah

Giddy Hannah

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to the Mid-West

If I were to describe South Bend, Indiana in one word it would be...Football. The whole town shuts down on game day. Planning on driving somewhere? Not on game day. They literally block off the entrance to our apartment complex and hold us captive. Russ went to the game on Saturday and loved it. It costs $75 to take Hannah to the game so I'm doing a trade off with another couple where we take turns looking after each others kids. So I'll make it out to half of the games. I'll have more to report next week about the actual football experience when Notre Dame plays Michigan...awesome.

South Bend is treating us pretty well. No one here knows we have a blog so I can be's kind of a dumpy town. Campus is beautiful and Russ loves his classes. Notre Dame works on a quarter system so mid-terms are already next week. He feels stronger than ever that this is where the Lord wants us to be. Recently he got a job as an interviewer where he'll interview people who apply to the MBA program. I'm grateful that fell in his lap. ANY income is welcome at this point. :)

I've started teaching piano lessons and I'm learning how to quilt. I love where we live. The community features make up for the old, 500 square apartment with a heavily stained toilet that makes me gag every time I have to clean it. The backyard is a giant fenced in area where all the kids play and the community center is nice. We live in on-campus family housing so everyone's in the same boat.

Hannah started walking this week. She gets so excited when she walks across the room. Her little feet start going and a few steps into it she starts giggling and it progressively gets louder until she reaches the other side of the room. Then we throw little celebration where she bounces up and down. I love it.

All in all, we're happy to be here. And we still miss Texas.

The Golden Dome
Russ' first Notre Dame football game.
They flock to the stadium like little sheep.
Hannah with her Daddy. She's already learned the quick head turn. Way to dodge that one Hannah.
Don't ask.
Spaghetti is a favorite meal around here.