Friday, July 25, 2008

Chillin in Houston

Updating the blog from a hotel room in Houston. I got bidness tomorrow and then we are helping Heather's brother move into their home this weekend. Her ma and pa are down as well and so it should be joyous.

Big meetings this past week with work. It's been crazy but exciting. Dark Knight was scary. Seriously.

I've watched a lot of BYU Football highlights on Youtube lately. The season starts very, very soon. I'm loving it.

Happy P-day, Pioneer day that is!

Here are the photos from a recent photo shoot in the kitchen:

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Dallas Life

Well well well... so much to say, so little space to say it. Life has been joyous since we got settled in to Texas living. Apart from 3 weeks with me in Utah and Heather in Dallas (back treatment for me) things have run pretty smoothly.

Here's a brief recap of what is going on in our lives right now:

Taking Nutrition 101 Independent Study from BYU. Now we eat healthy. Really healthy. And much less... This is the first of multiple required courses to get into Hygiene school.
Playing around like he is actually going to think about the possibility of getting serious about taking the GMAT again for business school... As you can tell, much is being done in that department.

Called as Bear Den Mother in the ward. YeeHaa! Heather has kinda already been a bear den mother since she married Russ... This is nothing new. :)
Working in Young Men's. It's rockin! In order to fit in and be approachable, we have to buy an XBOX. It's a requirement.

Work stinks and then you die. Heather is preparing to become an acrobat and run away with the gypsies in the circus.
PSI is good. Had some good months. A few big meetings in conference rooms the size of New Hampshire. Ridiculous. Happy, had a great time in Florida at a big conference. Almost died though from a lightning bolt.

Works out in our apartment gym quite a lot. Not too shabby setup.
Swims a bit at the local Golds. Nice setup, just a bit of a drive. Still Mr. chubby bunny.

Watched "Get Smart" the other day and quite enjoyed it. That's some funny stuff!
Loving the DVR and movie channels! Recently enjoyed "Stranger Than Fiction". Became an instant Russ Cramer classic.

We are happy, healthy, and excited to go to Germany in September! No chicks in the nest yet means we need to travel a bit while it lasts. Plan your next vacation to Dallas and we'll show you a good time. The accomodations in Russ' office are top notch. Air mattress, access to massive library, ceiling fan... Awesome!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Lookin'

The road across the wild and exciting north-west Texas frontier makes you do some funny things...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moving: The Saga

We made it to Dallas!