Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back in the land of the living

We're back. kinda.

Feeling quite a bit better although Hannah has a cold again. But all in all, we're on an upward swing.

So here's the latest: We're debating right now about which graduate business school to attend in the fall. I've been accepted to SMU and Notre Dame, both great schools, each with advantages and disadvantages. We're definitely leaning Notre Dame's way mostly because we feel good about it. The logical choice is SMU since we already live in the Dallas area. Hannah's pick is Scranton University but I just don't think I can handle Michael Scott as a professor for two years. Dwight would be great but Michael can really chafe after a while.

Let me know what school you think we should attend and why.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sick Sick Sick

We're all sick.

Russ - Strep Throat
Heather - Stuffy nose
Hannah - Cough and cold

No fun at all.

Oh yeah - by the way, Hannah is our baby girl. She is now almost 4 months old and is wonderful to have around. Every time she makes a sound, smiles, defecates, or whatever, we are sure to exclaim, "She's a genius"! (in honor of all those wonderfully biased parents out there that think their kid is the greatest. I love it!)

Let's see - updates since Easter...

Heather - stopped working, gave birth to Hannah, ate some brownies, started teaching gospel doctrine class at church, changed a few diapers, became enamored with Julia Childs, bought Russ THE OFFICE seasons for Christmas, and slept some.

Russ - applied for MBA programs, slept a little more than Heather, became a babydaddy, got some spine injections, ate some chips and salsa, worked a bit, got sick for the first time in a long time, and bumblebee tuna.

Hannah - (correction - updates since Sept. 20) ate well, smiled a lot, rarely cried, won over all the grandparents in about .2 seconds, transitioned to her own room, scored a 700 on the GMAT, solved the credit crunch, and lept small buildings in a single bound. Let's be honest: Our kid is a genius.


Anyway - life is good. We're trying to figure out what the forseeable future will hold for us. We may be getting back to our Irish roots or becoming Methodists. We'll just have to see.

Here's the kid. I mean genius kid.