Saturday, February 28, 2009

UPDATE from the long lost Cramer kids

Saturdays are nice! Well, let's just say that Heather and I were abducted by the "Work" aliens and use that excuse for absence and tardiness and overall disregard for our 'lil blog. Blog, what a word, sounds like snog as in snoggin...

Life is good, great, grand, wonderful. Getting around to doing taxes, looking at houses to try and purchase (although we've been outbid now like 4 times...grrrrr) trying to enjoy free time, working away like maniacs, went on a cruise to Mexico earlier in Feb, had a great family Christmas in Utah, excited for March Madness, hoping that byu basketball wins a game in the tourney, hoping that byu basketball makes the tourney, slightly worried about the political situation in America, looking for the end of the world to come along... :) but all in all, generally happy with all aspects of life!

Tennis rocks. I've been playing quite a bit lately.

Heather is a goofball and makes me laugh every day. I think she can make up a new accent by the hour. Sometimes I can't understand a word she says, and sometimes I am the only one on earth that can understand.

Maybe we'll do better with this blog thing, maybe not. We'll just have to see what happens!