Thursday, April 26, 2012

My post for 2012

I know. I know it's be FOREVER but you'll just have to forgive me...I've been...busy. Life has been a whirlwind this past year. Here's what's happened...

Russ has worked his little tail off his last year of MBA school. He was selected to be apart of the venture capital team for Notre Dame, worked with a non-profit to build a library in Uganda, and committed to P90X--losing 20+ pounds, all while keeping up his secret identity and saving the world by night.

Heather's three jobs are finally coming to a close which leaves more time/energy to play with Hannah. Woohoo!

Hannah grew up, potty trained herself, finally grew some hair, and is spunky as can be. She thinks she's pretty cool and we have to agree.

Russ is graduating is three weeks and we'll be moving to St. Joseph, Michigan where he'll be working for Whirlpool in their Financial Leadership Development Program. This is the house we'll be renting and it's only a few blocks from...

...THIS! I know it's a lake but it sure is a beautiful beach with lots of fun things for a family to do. We're looking forward to our new home.

Things aren't perfect but they're pretty darn close.