Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I look forward to Thanksgiving all year. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside thinking about stuffing myself with all those nostalgic foods. So imagine my dismay when Russ and I both get the stomach flu the day before Thanksgiving. It was a humbling experience to have my husband incapacitated on the couch while my daughter stands by the toilet and watches me throw up. Talk about miserable. Some friends took Hannah for the afternoon until I felt I had enough energy to disinfect the whole apartment. Ironically, getting the stomach flu made this Thanksgiving extra special. Russ and I were feeling well enough to go to the Thanksgiving dinner on campus (which was fantastic by the way) and it was our first meal in a day or two. I've never felt so full of gratitude at a Thanksgiving meal as I did at this one.

I always find random pictures, like this one, whenever Russ feeds Hannah.

Aaron and Andi Britton with us at Thanksgiving dinner.

She's definitely a Cramer. She can eat enormous amounts of food. :)

Chicago at "The Bean"

Chicago Millennium Park

The Holidays is the time for kids to play in big boxes. This was the beginning
 of Hannah's fort complete with tunnel.